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Fratelli Pacifici S.p.A. was founded in 1938, when brothers Cesare and Lorenzo Pacifici decided to unite their vision on an industrial project whose ultimate goal was the extraction and transformation of Roman Travertine. Purchasing several quaries in the travertine rich area of Tivoli Terme, the two brothers built workshops to craft the stone, which they then equiped with the most cutting edge machinery available on the Italian market at that time.

By the 1960’s, Fratelli Pacifici S.p.A. provided employment to over 150 workers, many of whom were becoming the industry’s most highly skilled craftsmen of stone. It is in the 60’s, the famous years of the Italian Dolce Vita brought on by an unprecedented economic boom, that Fratelli Pacifici S.p.A. cements its reputation: a family company in possession of the world’s best source of travertine, focused on providing the highest quality of customer service from the most highly skilled workforce.

The 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s bring further progress and change as each founding brother hands over the company reigns to a son, Cesare to Alessandro and Lorenzo to Tommaso. Under its new leadership, Fratelli Pacifici S.p.A. enters the European market. Encouraged by its success, the company begins exporting Roman Travertine on the global market and quickly establishes itself as a leading supplier of blocks, tiles, and slabs,

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Fratelli Pacifici S.p.A., enters the new millenium with the third Pacifici generation, Francesco Dandini and Marco Pacifici. While remaining firmly commited to the company’s foundations, the new leadership will be launching Fratelli Pacifici S.p.A. onto its next market: the infinate world of the web. With it’s website www.travertino.it, the company will begin making on-line sales, providing access to anyone wishing to make Roman travertine a part of their world.

Today, after 70 years of mastering its craft, Fratelli Pacifici S.p.A. stands proud; Quarying 50.000 m³ of travertine per year, operating 6 gang-saw and 2 block-cutters capable of cutting 4000 m² of travertine per day, using top of the line machinery that enables a production of up to 40.000 m² of finished goods per month, employing the most highly specialized team of master stone craftmen (masons) capable of producing any type of project commissioned, Fratelli Pacifici is proud to supply and satisfy the market’s increasing demand for a more specialized product.





A marvellous, unique, eternal, natural stone, first used by the ancient romans 2500 years ago, and still widely used today.
2500 years of History stand as a testament to its beauty, its resistance, its timelessness.
Roman Travertine, a stone which has interpreted so many architectural styles, from the Romanic to the Renaissance, from Barocco to Rationalism to Minimalist. The magical city of Rome, embodies all of these styles, as there is not a monument, or a church, a fountain or a villa that is not a masterpiece made from Roman Travertine.
You are welcome to visit us in Tivoli or on our website at www.travertino.it and discover the marvellous world of Roman Travertine



Travertine is quarried in special geological areas whose conformation determines the quality and special features of the extracted material.



Extraction is performed on a daily basis, starting with the so-called “bancata” – the specific primary phase of the entire procedure.

During this operation, after drilling, inserting the diamond wire, and cutting, imposing seams of travertine are brought to light and hammered out, from which the finest materials are carefully selected, based primarily on colour and structure.



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The travertine blocks are subjected to painstaking stone-working processes using cutting-edge machinery and under the careful supervision of qualified technicians. Manual skill and technology thus collaborate towards producing highly accurate work.

The blocks are first hewn into slabs of varying thicknesses, using diamond saws that enable quick, high-precision work.

lavorazione travertino


The slabs are cut and then cleaned – another essential process.

Travertine is washed with powerful water jets to blast away dust and soil. This is followed by refinishing in the workshop, where the travertine is subjected to a variety of treatments making it smoother and evener.



Refinishing is the final phase of travertine processing, and it too is performed by skilled personnel using constantly monitored, state-of-the-art tools.