Navona is the brand new travertine sofa designed by Joseph Dirand in collaboration with Pacifici Travertine and Molteni&C

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30 Jun Navona is the brand new travertine sofa designed by Joseph Dirand in collaboration with Pacifici Travertine and Molteni&C

Working in collaboration with Pacifici Travertine and iconic Italian brand Molteni&C, Paris-based designer Joseph Dirand was tasked with creating the furniture for The Surf Club — inspired by the Miami club’s decor.

The key aesthetic that Dirand adopted was the style from the golden years of Miami (the 1930s to the 1940s) reinterpreted in a contemporary fashion. “There were two different levels of intervention,” the designer continues, “the historical part was full of details, glamorous and sexy, while the contemporary one (the one with the rooms and apartments) had a much more minimal imprint.”

Dirand chose to introduce certain amendments. The original building was restored with respect for its past: changing overly modern doors and windows, reconstructing the ceiling with beams, and adding decorative details that had been lost. In order to contemporize, the idea was to bring light in along with the colours of the landscape, using a palette of white, beige and blue, and to remain connected to the structure’s history through details such as relief decorations on walls and ceilings — as it was in the 1930s.

“The fact that the club was very famous was a godsend,” says Dirand. “At the parties and events that were organized there, many photographs were taken, an important iconographic archive that allowed us to see what it was like, in rich detail. Luckily so—because when I entered the building for the first time, everything was in a very bad condition. We had to basically demolish and then recreate. The significant challenge was to make the historical part converse with Meier’s architecture.”

The furniture — almost all made-to-order by Italian firm Molteni&C in collaboration with Italian firm Pacifici Travertine — features simple and elegant lines, with a distinct retro appearance that gives warmth to the rooms. For the rooms, then, Dirand designed a special travertine seat in front of the glass walls, which can be used as a corner sofa (with a small table that transforms it into a dining corner), a daybed or a desk: “This allowed me to eliminate most of the furniture that is usually placed in a hotel room. And the space became even more architectural,” says Dirand.



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