A Broadgate Circle film by Tapio Snellman

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14 feb A Broadgate Circle film by Tapio Snellman

The Broadgate Circle is one of the best examples of the travertine use in the UK. The architectural detail and workmanship of the stone with interfacing materials is exemplary. Bronze anodised aluminium and Siberian larch have been used to complement the travertine, and this simple and elegant materials palette enhances the elegance of the Circle’s form and geometry.

Nestled within the 54 travertine columns is the reconstructed first floor restaurant, which is completely open beneath. It is now a wider, triple aspect unit with commanding views over the Circle. The first floor cantilevers forwards and backwards from the columns, benefitting from a refined structural strategy which transfers the additional loads back to the original columns.

The Circle has been transformed into a new Civic hub at the heart of the Broadgate Estate. Originally designed in the 80s by ARUP, the structure in the heart of the City of London was reopened in 2016 after a modernisation by Arup Associates. The film by Tapio Snellman traces a day of activity in this private development cherished by the public.


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