Joseph Dirand – Surf Club – Miami

About This Project

The Surf Club is a complex composed of three new buildings that will expand the existing Surf Club. The legendary Surf Club, a 9-acre property on the Atlantic Ocean in Surfside, Florida, was founded in 1930 by Harvey Firestone as a private membership club. The configuration of the complex centers around the historic Surf Club with a new Four Seasons hotel rising from the center of the Surf Club’s existing exterior courts. Two 12-storey residential buildings located to the North and to the South of the historic Surf Club flank the hotel component.

The Four Seasons Hotel Residences feature interiors designed by the French architect Joseph Dirand. Dirand has carefully composed 30 one and two bedroom units that distill the vibrancy of Miami, all in good taste, of course. To complement the panoramic ocean views, Dirand has used light woods and cream-coloured travertines in the apartments generously. Custom-designed lighting harks back to the elegance and decadence of the art deco and 70s era, while textured wall paneling subtly conveys the feeling of a rustic beach bungalow escape.

While South Beach is known for its glitz and glamour, Surfside has been historically cherished as a discrete haven where the powerful could let their hair down. Dirand has selected modern, classical furniture from Molteni & C, Knoll, Mater and Carl Hansen & Søn to fill each of the hotel residences, and tableware by Bernadaud, glasses and appliances by Bodum and Sambonet flatware to keep its kitchens well stocked. In the bathrooms, Michael Verheyden’s marble accessories are the perfect finishing touch.

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