Museo Arqueológico Nacional – Madrid

About This Project

Spanish studio Frade Arquitectos renovated and remodeled the renowned Museo Arqueológico Nacional (National Archeological Museum). It is considered to be one of spain’s most important museums – a feat heightened by over 2,642 m2 expansion to create an almost brand new structure. the restoration was not merely about rejuvenating the aging material but consisted of an entire re-design to improve accessibility, spatial efficiencies, and 10,000 m2 of exhibition areas, all the while retaining elements of the original structure. As a result, a walk through the structure is as much an observation of our earth’s history as it is an architectonic adventure across a diverse palette of materials and scales. For the opening of this national treasure, all the exhibit pieces have also been restored and cleaned to find their new homes in carefully thought-out multimedia galleries.




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