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Artist Thomas Hutton redesigns Pacifici booth at Marmomac in Verona

British sculptor and architectural designer Thomas Hutton was invited to reimagine the Pacifici booth at Marmomac. His response was to open up the space and to demonstrate the quality of the material by using the scale and simplicity of the block and quarry wall as an organizing principle and design concept. 

For the long back wall he utilized the horizontality and seamlessness of the vein-cut Caesar. For the two block walls he used 45-degree edges to create seamless corners and give an impression of mass, utilizing the expressive movement of Bianco Oniciato in both cross-cut and vein-cut. 

Once the space and material had been determined, a collection of furniture was conceived especially to populate the stand and show how travertine can be used on a domestic scale. A three-meter working table, a desk, a pair of benches and a coffee table were fabricated using Roman Classic and Wild.

As a final touch to the stand Hutton included one of his lamp sculptures, made from Egyptian alabaster and peperino tuff from Viterbo.